To create an Authentic Brand, we utilize a process that frames research and analysis in a simple, easily understood way. We call it Real & True. It allows all internal stakeholders – senior management, marketing managers, sales managers and more – to better understand the insights that create the foundation on which an Authentic Brand is built.

We start by utilizing a variety of research tools to determine the needs and wants of our target audiences. The Real seeks to identify what matters to the people who matter to our client. What motivates them? What causes them pain? What perspective, preconceptions and biases do they bring to the marketplace? In other words, The Real defines their personal reality.
Real & True diagram
We then assess the client’s core strengths and values through internal interviews, marketplace assessments and competitive audits. The True focuses on what differentiates it from competing companies. What are its inherent strengths? What needs does it meet? What problems does it solve? What values are at its core? In other words, what are the essential truths about the company and its products or services? With the Real & True identified, we analyze our findings to identify the Point of Resonance – the intersection of the expectations of the marketplace and the intrinsic value of the company we’re representing. That’s the point where consumer motivation resides and where money is made.